One-of-A-Kind Rustic + Vintage Accents for Your Special Event




This is a space where I can share all of my projects with you... my attempts, DIY failures, my successes, and the "to do" things that I have finally decided to approach (and check off the list!) 

I am BY NO MEANS an expert, or consider myself one.  I am simply curious, pro active, and love bringing things and spaces to life. Anyone can do this, and I hope to inspire you all to take on some projects of your own!  Please feel free to share some of your latest and greatest with me, and I will post it on here for the world to see!

Now for the formal introduction of my assistant, Sofie (see pic above).  She is a crafty DIY canine, who isnt very productive, but is a great companion and keeps me company. 

Along with painting 3/4 of our home this summer, I also got rid of some old 'hand me down' furniture that was a bit too bulky and really didn't fit into my new plans.  I was excited to find new (old) pieces and this was the first that I re-finished with Anne Sloan's Chalk paint.

With a new fabric headboard (Homesense) - pics to be revealed soon - a fresh coat of Coconut Cream paint (love the colour!) and a new dresser, I needed a pair of night stands too!

I picked up these for $15 on kijiji.  I didn't want it to be too "matchy-matchy" with the dresser, so I mixed Old White with Paris Grey for a different colour.  I sprayed the handles and modge podged scrapbook paper in the drawers to clean them up a bit.

After painting all of the main floor rooms in our home(dining room, kitchen, hallway, living room) lighter, 'cottage country' type of colours, I really felt like our fireplace was weighing the space down.  So... "I Anne Sloan'd it" (my new phrase for chalk paint miracles!)  This, along with the dresser, are done in Old White.

This is a "quick pic" of the before & after (mid-reveal) of the bathroom in my new Rustic Charms office and storage space.  More to come, but the reason I loved this project and just HAD to share, is because I used 100% recycled paint.  This literally cost me $4 for a new paint roller.   

After looking for over a year, I finally found a harvest table to fit our dining room!  This 7 ft. beauty needed lots of seating, and I was fortunate to get the matching bench, and two accent chairs (Homesense).  I decided to keep three of the chairs I had with my old set, and fixed them up a bit to go with the new decor.  I covered the chairs with fabric and "Anne Sloan'd" them with Old White.  To save a few pennies, I kept the dark candelabras and mirror I had hanging with the old decor, and chalk painted & distressed them to add some character. 

I have always loved painting, and these projects were extra special because I had the chance to share my talents with my soon to be nieces!  Two of our most cherished friends were expecting their first babies, and I was honoured to be a part of the creation of their nurseries. 

This was one of my 1st projects for Rustic Charms (even before I knew this was going to become "something").  I found this in a barn and completely brought it to life! It really gave me the motivation to keep going with my projects for my own wedding. 

Movin' on Up!

 AUG 2014

I have been graciously been given the gift of space!  If you take a look at the picture here, you will agree that it is much needed.  The shelves at the back of were built especially for my collection (thank you to my hubby and his friend Joe), but it didn't take much time for them to fill up and spread throughout the entire garage (oops!) With the support of my amazing family, I have moved on to a new designated Rustic Charms palace!

I have been busy cleaning, painting, and organizing, but I will post information and pictures of my new space soon!

Check MONTHLY for the latest projects

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When it comes to making statement pieces, sometimes you have to go big or go home. In this case I am referring to mason jars.  To get this distressed painted jar, make sure you get the "vintage" jars.  I landed on some Crown jars from kijiji.  They are a bit more expensive but are made of a thicker glass, and overall help to achieve this look.  Next, add three coats of your favourite chalk paint (I chose Pure White Annie Sloan -from THE DANDELION).  Let dry... and then sand with a fine piece of sand paper. 

Ta da! 

Now let the 1020 ideas and possibilities of what you can do with these take over your entire mental capacity... or is that just my brain?